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4000 Hazardous Chemical Substances in Cigarettes

4000 Hazardous Chemical Substances in CigaretteEveryone already knows the dangers caused by smoking. However, smoking behavior was never subsided. See it in everyday life, such as in the home environment, office, public transport, as well as in the streets. Almost every time one can find people smoking. Cigarettes caused losses very much for your health! In cigarette smoke are harmful chemicals 4000, two of which are nicotine that is addictive and carcinogenic tar. Toxins and carcinogens that arise from burning tobacco can trigger the occurrence of cancer is considered a terrible disease today.

The smoke coming out of the combustion gases contain poisonous, such as carbon monoxide and other chemical solvents. Effect of carbon monoxide that instant is to reduce the body's ability to carry oxygen that can cause heart disease risk.

Tobacco contains substances are highly addictive nicotine (to make people addicted). Nicotine, a highly dangerous toxin that is considered trivial by the recipient of this tobacco is a substance that causes heart rate to accelerate reactions and increase blood pressure.

So do not be surprised if According to WHO, smoking caused 3.5 million deaths each year. In the short term, in just 20 minutes after the last cigarette, a decline in blood pressure and heart rate. Eight hours later, a decline in the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood and increase oxygen levels to be normal. 24 hours after the last cigarette, a decline in the risk of heart attack.

WHO and the World Health Organization was added by the existing scientific literature, tobacco and tobacco products 4000 proved to contain chemicals that are harmful to human health, and 25 of these chemicals can stimulate the incidence of cancer (carcinogenic).

But more dangerous is the tar that will be formed when it reaches the lungs. This substance can cause lung cancer and bronchitis.

To give smokers a sense of hope, the factory always add additional substances to the taste of cigarettes that can meet consumer desires. That is what caused smoking cigarettes is very difficult to leave because of dependence on nicotine (a dangerous poison that makes people become addictive).

The effect of cigarette or tobacco stimulate mild depression, perception disorder (of mind), feelings, mind, behavior, and disrupt psychomotor function. The returning experts reveal scientific evidence that the man who had a habit of smoking risk 40 percent greater experience erectile dysfunction than men who did not smoke.

"Smoking will bring nicotine and other vasoconstrictor that can shut the flow of penile blood vessels," explained Dr. Jack Mydlo, chief of urology Temple University School of Medicine and Hospital in Philadelphia, USA.

"Smoking, which resulted in narrowing of blood vessels, is the biggest cause of erectile disorder," Dr. Larry Lipshultz, chief of male reproductive parts of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas USA.

In addition Tobacco and poverty are linked. According to the analysis of health economics expert R & D Department of Health, Soewarta frame, if calculated with income per capita per year in 2005 for 900 U.S. dollars, the total cost of the lost 4.870 billion U.S. dollars.

From the results of a national health survey showed, among very poor households spend more for tobacco than spending for education and health. "This phenomenon has resulted in widespread malnutrition of infants from poor families, because the one based survey is the biggest cause of every public funds for a cigarette" he said with exasperation.

"In addition, tobacco has been threatening the rights of the child," said Vice Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Muhammad Joni.

Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made a comprehensive legal framework and mutually beneficial nature of the social aspects, economic, health and labor. Legal framework is set out in the FCTC. Currently, the FCTC has been ratified by 147 countries of the WHO's 168 member states who signed the FCTC (Framework for Tobacco Control). Ironically, the Indonesian Government has not signed the FCTC precisely when the first became actively involved in discussions and drafting FCTC in Geneva, Switzerland.

Factors influence

Why would someone who is still young (teenagers) have started smoking? There are several factors that influence, namely:

1. The influence of parents.

One of the findings of our friends who have become smokers, they come from households that are not happy. Her parents did not pay much attention and often provide a harsh physical punishment. The strongest effect is when his own parents smoked heavily, her children might once to emulate.

2. The influence of friends hanging out.

The facts reveal, the more our friends who have the smoking, the more likely we are to be smokers as well. When a friend of a smoker so he confronted the two conditions are equally harmful: He would not want to go smoking or he'll shut up there with cigarette smoke inhalation and his last state suspected by some researchers is that dangerous. But it does not mean that smokers are more safe, more dangerous still. Step survival is to avoid friends when he was smoking.

3. Personality factors.

Young people today are trying to smoke for reasons of curiosity or to escape from physical pain or mental, to free themselves from boredom. However, a personality trait that is only trying to users of drugs (including cigarettes) as this would lead to things that are negative.

4. Advertising influence

Seeing an ad in print and electronic media are showing a picture that smokers are symbols of masculinity or identical to modern man often makes a person's behavior is triggered to follow like the one in the ad. Ad is an ad when they made a fortune for himself and you are you one of the convict who deceived her with cigarettes. Many successful people that do not involve cigarettes in his life, then the correction back to your knowledge.

How do I stop?

It's difficult to eliminate smoking. Even be said to be very difficult if there is no will and strong determination.

The first stage might be done is the motivation or intention and determination. With the motivation within ourselves to stop or not to try to smoke will enable us to not influenced smoking temptation that comes from friends, media, or a custom family / parent.

The second stage is hard to avoid the familiar circle with the atmosphere of cigarettes or smokers. At least we avoid association with the smokers, for a moment we can forget it. And close relationships or friends who are not smokers.

Third stage is try to live healthier by making a new schedule of our activities, which is like exercising or reading and so on.

The four stages used to always try to refresh the mouth if you feel less comfortable with your mouth. Like toothbrushes do or eat candy that is not harmful.

Fifth stage try to get closer to God to correct properly diversity confidence, because even after all and any religion there never was the story that God allows or recommends to his servant to evil / self-destruct.

According to the Medical Expert health benefits obtained after reducing smoking or even quit smoking is a function of the heart and lungs will get better. One year later, the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by half. "This has not happened with the record damage caused by cigarettes," explained dr.Menaldi Rasmin, Sp.P (K). And those who successfully quit smoking up to 15 years old should be proud because of the risk of heart disease becomes the same as people who had never smoked before.


Anonymous said...

bunch of crap that personality reason of smoking
"yeah im so cool beacuse i smoke" do u even read what u wrote? crap crap crap

Anonymous said...

im a smoker. The diference is that no smokers never expirienced fun because following u they would never go to caffe bar or disco or maybe taste a little weed. So they maybe are healthy in old age but they dont have any memories of doing fun and exciting things

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