Monday, October 19, 2009

Smoking, Greater Risk In Women

Smoking, Greater Risk In WomenHow Quit Smoking . Almost everyone already knows what the health hazards of cigarettes. But you know, the danger of cigarettes is more deadly in women than men? So if you want to live longer, then quit smoking from now on.

A German study said, women who smoke have a chance of heart disease much more quickly than in men. Women who smoke may have a heart attack 12 years earlier than women who did not smoke. While in men, the possibility of having a heart attack the first time in about six years sooner than men who did not smoke.

Research shows that men usually had a heart attack for the first time at the age of 72 years if they do not smoke. But if they smoked, the first heart attack will appear in the age of 64 years. While the women are usually affected first heart attack at age 81 if they do not smoke. But if they are smoking, heart attack could happen the first time in 66 years of age.

Clearly this shows that there are significant differences between the risk in men and women. Women have a greater risk when he smoked.

Though the doctors have the opinion that the hormone estrogen that women have to protect women from heart disease. The hormone estrogen is believed strong enough to increase the amount of good cholesterol and are able to flex the walls of blood vessels, so that the walls of blood vessels more flexible and not easily strained. Surely it minimize the chance of blockages in blood vessels.

Then why the hormone estrogen is not functioning properly when a woman smoking? Researchers say that smoking can make women undergo menopause sooner, so that the protection provided by the hormone estrogen on heart disease is reduced.

"Smoking can remove the natural protection of a woman," said Dr. Robert Harrington, a medical professor at Duke University, and also spokesperson for the American College of Cardiology.

Of course you still want to rock the grandson at the age of 60 years right? Well, there's nothing wrong if you begin to stop smoking you start from now before it's too late.

Angela Su C.K - Editors Ayahbunda-Online


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