Monday, October 19, 2009

Smoking During Pregnancy, What effect ?

Smoking During Pregnancy, What effectHow Quit Smoking . No doubt that smoking is very dangerous to the baby in the womb!. Carbon monoxide from the cigarettes will be sucked by pregnant women and will carry over to the mother's bloodstream, causing infants receiving oxygen and placenta (afterbirth) is reduced, which also means less revenue for your baby's nutrition.

And the next bad influence, the placenta will further expand the area of the uterus to find the surface area of the uterus to meet the need of oxygen and nutrients. Which resulted in the placenta will become thin, which means increasing the chances of the placenta lies low and placenta previa (the placenta is located in the birth canal / cervix), other placental complications.

80% of smokers will have the possibility to suffer a miscarriage in pregnant women versus non-smokers. Because pregnant women who smoke will have the pregnancy hormone levels are lower, whereas the pregnancy hormone needed to maintain the pregnancy until the baby becomes mature.

Babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy will usually be less than or BBLR (low birth weight) and is usually accompanied by other problems, including his lung problems.

And pregnant women who do not smoke should be avoided as well as from cigarette smoke (passive smoking) because of research that regular exposure from cigarette smoke can affect fetal growth and behavioral problems later.

Talk with your doctor if you are a smoker and can not stop during your pregnancy is. Do not hesitate to consult because you is not first with this problem. So that your doctor will give advice to stop smoking and support your decision. Discuss with your partner, and you also need support to do all this.

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