Wednesday, July 13, 2011

70 Percent Smoke-Distributed for People Around

70 Percent Smoke-Distributed for People AroundCigarette smoke contains various substances that are harmful to health. The severity of the negative impact of smoking is not only experienced by the smoker but smoke taxable person can suffer. This is because 70 percent of cigarette smoke released by the smoker inhaled by people around.

"30 percent of inhaled cigarette smoke itself and the remaining 70 percent smoked by people around him. Itukan called selfish," said Dr. Aulia Sani, SpJP (K), FJCC, FIHA, FAsCC in a media gathering Defeat Joint Clinic Nicotine Addiction Stop Smoking in Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital on Wednesday (13/07/2011).

Dr. Aulia said there was no advantage gained from smoking. In the short term alone is cause symptoms such as cough and a slightly increased blood pressure. If consumed in the long term it can cause a variety of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

The people around who participated inhale cigarette smoke commonly referred to as passive smokers. The danger is acquired not least, especially for infants, children and pregnant women. Hence the negative effects of smoking not only felt by the smoker, but also for the people around him.

"A variety of hazardous chemicals contained in cigarettes such as nicotine and tar or asphalt. So how do the lungs can work if full of asphalt," said the doctor, who also serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the National Commission on smoking.

World Health Organization (WHO) recognized in the cigarette smoke there are 4,000 chemicals of which some 250 hazardous chemical substances and 50 other types can cause cancer (carcinogens). Smoking behavior in adults can lead to risk of chronic bronchitis, emphysema, stroke, coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

"The incidence of chronic diseases can be easily and quickly be reduced only through changes in lifestyle. Reducing smoking is one effort to change behaviors that help prevent chronic diseases," said Dr. Aulia.

Dr. Aulia said most smokers know that smoking is a dangerous thing, but he did not know how to stop due to the nature of cigarette addiction.

To that end, if indeed love yourself and also people around, begin to reduce or quit smoking.


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