Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smoke Make Children Hyperactive

Again, turn off cigarettes if you are around children. Cigarette smoke containing harmful particles that not only damage the lungs but can also cause behavioral disturbances and concentration problems of hyperactivity (ADHD).

"Children are still in their infancy and their bodies are still growing so the effect of cigarette smoke on their brains are much more dangerous than in adults," said Hillel R. Alpert, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health's Center for Global Tobacco Control.

Research conducted Alpert does not directly prove the smoking ruin a child's brain because it is not unethical if the children dipapari cigarette smoke to see what happens. Instead, the researchers tried to look back at what had happened and tried to remove the link but the link between secondhand smoke exposure and disease.

For the study, researchers tested the survey in 2007 conducted by phone in American households, including 55,358 children aged under 12 years. About 6 percent of children exposed to smoke at home.

After considering various factors the researchers found 8 percent of children have learning disorders, 6 percent have ADHD and nearly 4 percent had behavioral disturbances such as aggressive and defiant.

Children who live with smokers have a family member at least two of the conditions of the disorder. Even secondhand smoke is estimated to result 274,100 children suffer from three types of behavior disorders.

"Parents should have a smoking ban at home. The children suffer because they have no choice to avoid passive smoking," he said.

According to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, secondhand smoke is associated with increased severity of asthma, lower respiratory tract infections in infants, as well as sudden death syndrome.

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Ashley Williams said...

Really sad that even kids are not spared from this bad habit!!

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