Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fact dangerous as Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, cyanide, phosphorus vapor, sulfur compound vapors, and fumes from burning additives, the former Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association Kartono Muhammad Dr.

"The danger of cigarette smoke is 10 times larger than` ter `substance in cigarettes," he said at a workshop on No Smoking Area Toward 100 Percent in Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), in Asri Medical Center (AMC) Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY),

Accordingly, therefore, according to him, cigarette smoke is more harmful to passive smokers than active smokers. In cigarette smoke levels are several times greater than that absorbed by active smokers. "In one cigarette contains about 1.5 percent nicotine. Deposition of cigarette smoke in the form of nicotine combustion products easily attached to the objects in the room, and can last up to more than three years, and still dangerous," he said.

Advisor Indonesia Institute for Social Development Sudibyo Markus says Indonesia is ranked third largest tobacco consumer in the world after China and India.

According to him, about 240 billion cigarettes have been smoked by a 240 million population of Indonesia. The high number of smokers is due to the low awareness about the dangers of nicotine in cigarettes.

In addition, it is still the perception among the public that smoking is a cultural heritage. This assumption is made most people are reluctant to abandon the habit of smoking.
"The condition is coupled with advertisements in the media who think that smoking is a slang, modern, and masculine," he said.

Rector UMY Dasron Hamid said the rules about smoking ban implemented in important public spaces, because cigarette smoke is harmful to human health.

"The rules are expected to be implemented in public spaces, especially schools, colleges, and offices. With the rule is expected later on the entire public space can be absolutely 100 percent non-smoking," he said.

Smoking seemed to be very close to the lives of the men, like myself, addicted to cigarettes is very difficult to stop, this is due to have a habit of smoking, in fact there are many dangers of smoking for kesehatan.Efek Smoke Danger Health Human Body For - Due stick of Cigarettes toxins, Addiction, Opium, Remove Money And Sin.


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