Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beware!, Smoking Can Damage Sperm!

Beware!, Smoking Can Damage Sperm!Have a friend or boyfriend who can not get away from cigarettes? Ga know how to stop their bad habits? What if you start telling them that smoking can lower sperm quality and even damage sperm. A recent study conducted Canadian scientists say one more reason not to smoke, because smoking can damage sperm proven and bequeath genetic damage from a father to his son.

As quoted from Reuters, which conducted studies in rats showed that smoking causes changes in DNA in sperm cells, in which such mutations known to be permanent.

"If inherited, these mutations indicates that the changes can not be restored from its genetic composition," explained Carole Yauk Handling Division Environmental Toxins and Health Canada, who led the study.

"We have already known that pregnant women who smoke can harm the fetus she is carrying, and here we point to the fact that a father could even potentially damaging potential successor even before she met her partner," added Yauk research writing in the journal Cancer Research.

Yauk and colleagues studied the sperm-producing cells rats continuously exposed to cigarette smoke for six or 12 weeks, and all mammals continue to produce sperm.

The result, they found that the mutation occurred 1.7 times as much DNA in mouse cells exposed to smoke compared to mice not exposed to smoke after 12 weeks, and 1.4 times mutations after six weeks.

"This conclusion shows that the damage depends on duration of exposure to cigarette smoke, so the longer you smoke the accumulation of mutations will be bigger and bigger the potential impact on your sperm cells," explained Yauk.

In a different study also noted nearly most of the men who undergo IVF program were smokers. Moreover, the study also noted that the husband smokers have a lower ability to impregnate their wives rather than husbands who do not smoke.

How about you? Shall make cigarettes a part of your lifestyle, or have started thinking about quitting smoking? If your health care, let's quit smoking!


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