Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taxable Children Vulnerable Smoke Illness

Taxable Children Vulnerable Smoke IllnessDANGER did not smoke again for health indisputable. The threat is not only valid for the smoker, but also the people who go around inhaling cigarette smoke is known the term second hand smoke (SHS) or passive smokers. Even more worrying, was also cigarette smoke causes a greater threat of harm to children. According to the results of a recent study of scientists from the University of Hong Kong, infants and children are familiar with cigarette smoke to be vulnerable to various kinds of infections and serious diseases.

Research report published in Tobacco Control website ( noted that infants and children who are in the environment 50 percent of smokers were recorded more often treated at a hospital infectious disease. The research also states, one of three children which is about three feet from cigarette smoke in the early periods of his life often have to undergo hospital treatment.

In his research, involving researchers 7.402 children in Hong Kong who were born between April to May 1997. The researchers followed the development of these children from birth to age 8 years.

Another important note from this research is the impact of cigarette smoke was more dangerous for children who are born weighing less than normal. Children are passive smokers are also 75 percent more frequent treatment of diseases such as respiratory problems and meningitis.

Author of research, from the University of Hong Kong indicates that inhaling cigarette smoke or exposure to secondhand smoke makes a weak immune system and lead to respiratory diseases.

"Additional risk of severe morbidity from respiratory problems and other infections in infants exposed to smoke, as well as any direct contact with cigarette smoke respiratory tract, also affect the immune system," the researchers concluded.


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