Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Test for Nicotine Dependence Knowing

One of the chemicals in cigarettes that can make people addicted or addiction is nicotine. To determine levels of nicotine dependence can be done through this test.

Nicotine in cigarettes to give euphoric effect for smokers. This condition occurs because of the changes in brain chemistry that occur in the last 7 seconds of the first puff of cigarette smoke. Nicotine will later be attached to the receptors in the brain which controls breathing and heartbeat.

"Nicotine is absorbed in the blood, and transmitted to the brain up against the receptor alfa4beta2 receiving nicotine," said Dr. Aulia Sani, SpJP (K), FJCC, FIHA, FAsCC in a media gathering Defeat Joint Clinic Nicotine Addiction stopped smoking at Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital on Wednesday (13-7/2011).

Dr. Aulia said this condition will release the hormone dopamine that cause taste delicious, delicious and convenient. When dopamine is reduced, the comfort will be gone and back comes the desire to smoke. It is an addiction or craving menyebabkab that the longer the required amount of nicotine getting bigger.

"Regular Smokers will trigger an increase in the number of receptors alfa4beta2 as much as 300 percent, so that later the nicotine sensitivity of these receptors will increase," said the doctor who practices at Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital.

To find out how much a person for nicotine dependence can be known by the following tests:
1. How long after waking you smoke?
Within 5 minutes (point 3)
Within 6-30 minutes (point 2)
Within 30-60 minutes (point 1)
Within more than 60 minutes (0 points)

2. Do you have difficulty refraining from smoking in places that are prohibited?
Yes (points 1)
No (0 points)

3. When smoking the most difficult time left?
On the morning of (point 1)
At other times (0 points)

4. What is the number of cigarettes smoked per day?
10 cigarettes or less (0 points)
Stems 11-20 (points 1)
Stems 21-30 (points 2)
31 or more (point 3)

5. Are you more smoke after waking up or at other times?
Yes (points 1)
No (0 points)

6. Are you still smoking when the body is sick or bed rest?
Yes (points 1)
No (0 points)

Values ​​obtained indicate:
Very low dependence 0-2
3-4 Low dependence
5 dependence is
6-7 high dependence
8-10 very high dependence

If the dependence on nicotine showed much higher then the desired amount of nicotine by the body in order to create a sense of comfort and pleasure. So that later the more the number of cigarettes needed to be comfortable and enjoyable.

"All types of cigarettes as harmful, if the traditional cigarettes only need one rod that needs are met, then the mild cigarettes took more than 3 bars to meet the needs of nicotine. So it is pointless for smokers, tobacco companies are fortunately it more," said the doctor who has served as Director of the Harapan Kita Cardiac Hospital this.


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