Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nicotine is the King of Harmful substances that make people addicted

There are several levels of addiction or substance that can make people addicted, began the most mild to severe. And nicotine from cigarettes is the king of kings harmful substances that make opium.

"Based on medical science, there are 6 levels of a substance that makes people addicted," said Dr. Hakim Sorimuda Pohan, SpOG in a media gathering 'Smoking Intimidate human rights' in Indonesia Cancer Foundation, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/12/2011).

Here are six levels of substance addiction (addiction) is based on medical science, namely:

1. Coffee addiction, which is the lightest substance that causes addiction
2. Addiction marijuana or hashish
3. Alcohol Addiction
4. Heroin Addiction
5. Morphine addiction
6. Nicotine Addiction

"In the book there is no more addiction medicine number 7, so it biangnya nicotine addiction, king of kings. Nicotine addiction is higher in rank than morphine addiction, morphine addiction is higher in rank than an addiction to heroin and so on," said Dr. Hakim.

And if there are people who think can neutralize cigarette addiction with coffee, then the assumption was wrong.

"If neutralize cigarette with coffee to be a star rank 7, but there is no ranking of 7 in the medical books. Nicotine still be king," said Dr. Hakim.

Dr. Hakim said this is often not realized because many people who think cigarette addiction is addiction is the lightest, but it is the king of kings nicotine substances that make opium. So no wonder if a lot of very heavy smokers to quit smoking.

"Until now there is no drug that can stop the tobacco addiction," said Dr. Hakim.

When compared with the narcotic drugs and psychotropic who also make opium, nicotine is the only addictive substance which remains dangerous even when taken by way of correct usage.

"If narcotics are used in the right way, then it can be used to relieve pain such as when people will be operating. Psychotropic too, could ease those souls who go ballistic gangguang-ballistic. But if nicotine, although used in the right way, burned the tip of outside rather than inside the mouth, then sucked, that was the way the correct usage, but still dangerous, "concludes Dr. Hakim .

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